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My table got done, but now one of the legs is not in the right place. It stands on top of an outlet I did not take into account. I will move that leg, probably Sunday.

I have this fantastical story about my backpack that has no basis in reality, but it amuses me. It looks like a Jansport, but on closer inspection it is a “Trailmaker.” I fixed it once because a strap had come out. This is much less likely to occur on a JanSport (I just bought one because I could).

My story is that one of the girls of this house wanted a JanSport, and Bruno, maybe Marian, got her this instead. She was appalled, probably cried. Bruno didn't get it, maybe thought she was even being a bit of a bitch when she saw it. “It looks just like one.” I have been using it as my Shabbat bag, since I don't leave my shoes in a box anymore. It ripped again today, nothing critical, but it is shit, and I will retire it late next week.

I need you to ask Trix if she is willing to walk. I don't want to walk seven miles, and neither do you. I further don't want to have to invite ourselves somewhere for Friday night closer to the synagogue, or leave her hosts feeding her both meals, if it is not us.

I did walk fifteen miles over hag, and my feet don't love me. I walked almost half of that in boots. It's such a different walk. I am not used to their weight. I am also more willing to walk into my heel in them. I don't like the heel thing barefoot as I feel it all the way into my head. I don't know how Y stomps about. I probably could have at his age as well. I am going to bed now, and getting up crazy early to pray in Bridgeport. I just want to get an early start to my day.

Lani sent an awesome post today. It used day as a verb. I like that notion.

I am muting more and more on Facebook. I am tired of the Pride shit. I can love the sinner without loving the sin. But I don't have to love the sinner when he elevates the sin to a matter of identity.

I finished “Hello Refugees” today. It is sad. There is no heroism any more. Maybe there are some places where there needs to be a little more pride, mixed with a lot more humility, and a heroic spirit to do better, not just to look like one is.

sharing a thought

At 71 I'm focused more than ever on doing what I can to try to secure peace, justice, and environmental sustainability for future generations. But there's also the pressing matter of how my generation (you know, the one that had everything and ruined it) can try to age with grace and wisdom.

from Stew Friedman, who does leadership stuff at Wharton.

You are so full of shit. Your generation has everything and has grown everything. Celebrate what you have created. Why are you buying into the impending doom narrative?

The world is greening. See Patrick Moore on this,

We are richer than ever and coming out of poverty at rates blowing past the U.N. goals for taking us out of poverty. This doesn't really get at the results we've created, but gives a little of the picture:

You are right on the babies. Maybe we should have young co-eds actually vision out their lives. Maybe we should return to G-d and family and what brought us where we are .

Maybe we should be questioning the wisdom of Marx, Marcuse, Derrida and all the bullshit they have given us. Here's an analysis of that:

Anyway, enough of my time on this.

Go out, breathe the air. Tell me if you really think the world is about to end.

I don't think it is, or is in danger thereof, unless we give in to the crazies trying to take over our college campuses and public conversations.

Shavua Tov

My table project made great headway today. I work too slow, and still mess up: I made two slots about a sixteenth of an inch too wide. It will really make no difference, but it bothers me. I'll shim it with some cardboard. My tool—the Craftsman 10” Radial Arm Saw—decided to quit. It was annoying, but not catastrophic. I was able to get it done with the circular saw. I had put a lot of work into getting the Radial Arm Saw in operable condition. I have had enough with it. The reset button didn't work. I probably blew it, the reset button, or whatever it trips. It is not worth trying to fix.

The table was probably not worth it either. I get to a point where I am like what the F am I spending my time on? I am making a side table out of an old piece of an executive desk that is probably upwards of seventy years old, that my father used as an extra table in his office. Dumb-assed sentiment.

There is a certain smell of cut grass that takes me out to East Marion, Long Island. This is where the Saris' country house is. It apparently needs work again. It always did. It was the unending project of Uncle Alex, He's also been gone for seven years. Nicky has a kid on the way, which is awesome. I think he'll be a great dad.

I am getting up in three hours. I just couldn't get myself to bed. I could, but I folded laundry and putzed about too much. I think I will go to bed now.

I wanted to prepare material to protest at the Legal Conference. I did not generate that. I actually have two legal things to do quickly, then bed. It's why I sat down at the computer a few hours ago.

Have a good week, and a good holiday, if I don't reach you before then. It is going to be a long day.

Today was a long day too. I actually rowed, was late for synagogue, had a class, went shopping, did breakfast at mom's and came back here and replaced the spigot in the bathroom, and eventually got to my table. It is all good.

Shabbat Shalom

So tired of the gay thing here, especially from the (damnable) Jewish organizations. I saw something this week. A gay army person during the “don't ask, don't tell” era smelled it almost right away. It started getting coopted the moment it became policy.

Writing, wall. Where does this take us?

I meant to work on my table today. Instead I worked on my tool, the radial arm saw. I had placed the fence too far back. I don't get the rulers on the machine. I did figure out that there are two positions on the table depending on the task, but didn't cut the wood to fit that.

It is nice to have Yakov here. He is going away for the fourth of July. I guess we have him at least a part of two weekends.

The winds have kicked up and we should have some interesting weather tonight. I am probably eating at Omer's tomorrow. More on that, if there is anything more, after Shabbat.

Pride is still a Sin:

Schoke Jewish Family Services posted pro Pride. I had to answer:

Jewish: (1) isn't gaiva (pride) more a characteristic of the evil inclination? (2) homosexual relations are specifically prohibited in the Torah; how is pride in inclination towards relationships that result in prohibited activity in any way consistent with Judaism? (3) male and female he created them, Gen. 5:2

Family: A Man and a Woman are required to make a child. The mental health issues of this generation, the mass shootings, might well be blamed on the new left (Marcuse, Derrida, building on Marx, resulting in every victim hustling culture we have today) and the abandonment of religion and the search for truth. The result is this elevation of mental diseases to lifestyle choices of which we are asked to be “proud.”

There is no reason for a Jew to be proud of “Pride.”

I really don't understand how a Jewish “Family” organization, would post something like this.