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My table got done, but now one of the legs is not in the right place. It stands on top of an outlet I did not take into account. I will move that leg, probably Sunday. I have this fantastical story about my backpack that has no basis in reality, but it… more »

Shavua Tov

My table project made great headway today. I work too slow, and still mess up: I made two slots about a sixteenth of an inch too wide. It will really make no difference, but it bothers me. I'll shim it with some cardboard. My tool—the… more »

Shabbat Shalom

So tired of the gay thing here, especially from the (damnable) Jewish organizations. I saw something this week. A gay army person during the “don't ask, don't tell” era smelled it almost right away. It started getting coopted the… more »

Pride is still a Sin:

Schoke Jewish Family Services posted pro Pride. I had to answer: Jewish: (1) isn't gaiva (pride) more a characteristic of the evil inclination? (2) homosexual relations are specifically prohibited in the Torah; how is pride in inclination towards… more »

G speaks Yiddish

It is not fat-shaming. It is sloth and resignation shaming. It is escapism and justification shaming. It is the shaming of bad parenting. I was on a late train out of the city. There was one after another fat chick after another dressed like tinkerbell… more »