Shabbat Shalom

By David Herz

Posted on Jun 8, 2024 by in Today

So tired of the gay thing here, especially from the (damnable) Jewish organizations. I saw something this week. A gay army person during the “don't ask, don't tell” era smelled it almost right away. It started getting coopted the moment it became policy.

Writing, wall. Where does this take us?

I meant to work on my table today. Instead I worked on my tool, the radial arm saw. I had placed the fence too far back. I don't get the rulers on the machine. I did figure out that there are two positions on the table depending on the task, but didn't cut the wood to fit that.

It is nice to have Yakov here. He is going away for the fourth of July. I guess we have him at least a part of two weekends.

The winds have kicked up and we should have some interesting weather tonight. I am probably eating at Omer's tomorrow. More on that, if there is anything more, after Shabbat.

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