Pride is still a Sin:

By David Herz

Posted on Jun 7, 2024 by in Today

Schoke Jewish Family Services posted pro Pride. I had to answer:

Jewish: (1) isn't gaiva (pride) more a characteristic of the evil inclination? (2) homosexual relations are specifically prohibited in the Torah; how is pride in inclination towards relationships that result in prohibited activity in any way consistent with Judaism? (3) male and female he created them, Gen. 5:2

Family: A Man and a Woman are required to make a child. The mental health issues of this generation, the mass shootings, might well be blamed on the new left (Marcuse, Derrida, building on Marx, resulting in every victim hustling culture we have today) and the abandonment of religion and the search for truth. The result is this elevation of mental diseases to lifestyle choices of which we are asked to be “proud.”

There is no reason for a Jew to be proud of “Pride.”

I really don't understand how a Jewish “Family” organization, would post something like this.

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