The Road to Hell II

By David Herz

Posted on Jun 1, 2024 by in Today

The Trump conviction came in yesterday. It is so stupid. I was just listening to some Jewish news on YouTube, and then YouTube moved me over to some anti-Jewish conversation cloaked as something more reasonable. The protesters, none of them, really mean “from the river to the sea” as a genocidal slogan: it is just about equal rights. Save me.

The Gad Saad conversation at Cornell was interesting. I like him.

I made my table saw mostly usable today. I am missing a part of the switch, but it might be there. If not, I can get it for about eight dollars. I thought it was the switch, which I have out of the machine, but it's the plastic safety lock.

My law school reunion was nice. All of seven people from my class showed up. I didn't recognize three of them. One faded back into my memory.

I like the new dean: He has been there five years, but I've been away for thirty, with a few appearances for Environmental Moot Court.

I gave myself permission to not go to the office today. I felt like I should; I feel I got so little done this week. I just wasn't going to get much done if I tried to push it. So I rainxed some windows in my car, and made a video for my page, and got the radial arm saw table done, and made challah, and now it is time to make Shabbat.

Hug each other for me, and have a great week

I send all my love.

I am sad about our world, but happy to have my people near me.

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