May 24

By David Herz

Posted on May 25, 2024 by in Today
May 24

I meant to put a post to my CTObserver site all week. I think I got one video up. It was a pain. I forgot my process; so I started writing my manual. I can't find the office manual that Miriam was supposed to be keeping. I think I had put it in a pink binder. I found my building manual. I started one for my processes.

I had forgotten where I stored videos.

I also spent too much time looking for an envelope for an insurance questionairre. It was on my desk, but now I don't know where. So eventually I scanned it to send over to my insurance agent, but for some reason it didn't upload to where I thought I'd put it and I couldn't send it when I got home.

The topics of the videos this week were going to be Raisi, genocide, and war. The Irish continued to show their disgusting colours, the World bodies theirs, and the thought is that they will manufacture another crisis to push to exert more control on the world, turn us all into serfs that is.

I finished the first unit of Pimsleur's Russian. I now know how to say I know not much Russian in Russian.

I am reclaiming an old half-desk top—Saba used to say it had been a door—but that makes no sense. It must have been the top of an executive desk once, or something like that. I am going to make it into a counter in my kitchen. It is nice to give new life to things. This was a big part of today's project. It had once been a table in Saba's office. I am guessing it must be a hundred years old. It obviously had a life as a desk before that ended and it was cut in half. It had been in Saba's office as long as I can remember, and we've been in Stamford since 1972. Okay, maybe it's only seventy years old, similar vintage to Saba's desk anyway.

It is time to light candles. Shabbat Shalom. Shavua Tov. Love you all.

I am runnig again, this time against Fred Gee. “Gee Haws, we don't need more bad laws.” Gee and Haw are mule commands, Gee meaning to go right, Haw left.

That is all for now.

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