By David Herz

Posted on Apr 22, 2024 by in Today

I think it is time to pack this in. No one reads it. And then I get upset that a certain person doesn't. I might as well go back to a random note in my book. At least that way I won't get caught in the interwebs.

In a few minutes, Passover starts. I will be glad to have the devices off, the extra noises not noising, like that. I am supposed to be working on my marketing here.

I should start with my calendaring. Get so disgusted about something that it drives me to action. I think a part of that is also the idea the what I do matters.

It's the Saba quote above, if I can find it. It took me too long to find, but I found it. I suppose my stubbornness sometimes is a superpower, sometimes.

Hag Sameach

Maybe some things are just infinitely unimportant.

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