By David Herz

Posted on Feb 2, 2024 by in Today

It has been an interesting week. What we all predicted has come to pass. John Gomes is pushing forward for another election. I have not prepared sufficiently for this. Nor have I properly disciplined myself to act as if I have a real chance. I have 24 days to put together five thousand votes, which could be enough. I have a practice to run. But here's my current pitch:

Two Donkeys dancing in a wrecked city

More of the Same:

  • More Crime; More Dead Children
  • More Single Moms: More Poverty, Poorer Outcomes for Our Children
  • More Potholes
  • Less Opportunity, Fewer Jobs
  • More Bad Ideas Wasting More Money

Are you tired of noise, crime, shootings, poverty, having to leave the city to find good work?

You can’t be blamed for thinking that our agents in government only work for themselves.

Only You Can Change This

And this as a footnote: “there is no bigger predictor of poverty for women than single motherhood”

Page Two

Two jackasses and a lion

You Have a Choice on February 27th:

Commitment to Truth and Transparency;

Respect for G-d, Country and our History, Industry friendly Policy bringing

Great jobs to fuel our Geat City;

Strong Families, the Foundation of Society, raising
Our Children to be Powerful Upright Citizens.

A pack of jackasses led by a lion is superior to a pack of lions led by a jackass.

~ George Washington

Do not vote for Jackasses!

It's a little much, but not so much for me. I should have spent the last three hours writing campaign letters. I watched a few videos instead, one on feminism, one on Israel, and now I go to bed.

But not before I share the next quote: “The real effect that I am going to have on the world is what my four kids end up doing.… I may be able to have like a slightly outsized effect… but in reality, like the most long lasting thing you can do is not the rational. It's actually the things that we do and we don't know why. One of the things that I think the rationalists have gotten totally wrong…is that we tend to come up with rationalizations post hoc.” Hedonism, Taboos, Society, and Deprivation | Ben Shapiro, The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast, Jan. 29, 2024 1:41:24 (emphasis added).

I did get out to two events this week, but this only leaves me more tired and feeling behind right now. I think I might go to the chiropractor again tomorrow.

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