Way 1

By David Herz

Posted on May 2, 2021 by in Today

I think I need to lay off the challah. I don't feel like I ate that much this Shabbat, particularly not today (but I might have made the calories up in alcohol), but I am still coming out way high on the scale, but then I can swing back and forth ten to twelve pounds in a week.

I wasn't planning to, but I guess I'm going to a funeral tomorrow. I didn't realize Fred is in town, and it's only an hour or so away. And then I get to go from there to a Sheva Berachot. And I just said I'd eaten enough.

But now the alcohol is gone from my system, mostly anyway, I do feel a headache coming on, but taht could alse be from the two hours I just spent in front of the computer doing nothing directed to any particularly good purpose. And I have a goal for this weekend, which is to finally get the rest of my websites over to the new host, blue host, so I can cancel my GreenGeeks account which would otherwise renew in a few weeks.

I went to trim my goatee and it didn't come out right; so that's gone now.

And I had other, more better thoughts, but they're escaping me now as well.

So I'm going to bed.

Good Night/Morning, and have a great week.

I love you.

That was supposed to be May 1, but it came out as Way 1, and then I thought that might be a good cue for the next one.

Transformation, I was supposed to talk about transformation

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