Words - extended

By David Herz

Posted on Apr 29, 2021 by in Today

My Lani provided some cues and here is the result:


Provide, Divide, Conquer


A seed, it grows

and nobody knows

what it will be when it's done

but planting must be

and harvest will follow

let's hope we are proud of what comes.


There's a bulge

and it's bigger

than it was before

Is that a tumor?


Well if they take off a leg, at least you can hop.

And you'll have lost all that weight you've been talking about.


The Manifold is broke

Can't afford a replacement

Car terms make bad poetry

And so does free verse.


Simple pleasure

Simple pain

I'm so sad

It looks like rain

But really I'm not

Just looking to rhyme

I should end the poem

I think it's time

To Play in the Sun

To Dance in the Rain

To Trample the Flowers

And plant seeds again,

and again, and again.


Some words are weird

And this is one

Will the tumor affect my affect.

Or will my affect affect my tumor

I don't know where this was heading

But this poem is done.


Tweeze or go gray,

I guess bald is also an option.

Tease and go play,

The consequences are many fold.

Towel and Wipe, but they should be connected to referencing one another.

The towel said I'm better than you, for I can go 'gain and again,

The wipe said I don't mind, cause I go behind, and put smiles on men.

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I like your experimentation,
and the style is nice
Have a nice day

Now make one with Ice.

04/29/21 @ 08:34

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