Practice 3

By David Herz

Posted on Apr 28, 2021 by in Today

That headline was there from something else, but I use it anyway, because I do have news about my practice. I fired someone. I had barely hired him, but he was slow as molasses, and had no computer skills, and I thought he was coming to see me about renting, and instead he wanted a job, and I figured I'd give it a try, and Miriam told me to give it up after his first day.

I do have things I need to process, but I can't have it be a damned research project. Anyway, I felt bad for a minute, and then I got his response, and I didn't anymore.

So I got some practice firing people.

And now I go to bed.

And I think you should give me a list of words, and I'll try some poems.

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Towel and Wipe, but they should be connected to referencing one another.

Love your son and his list of words that is not in fact random.

04/28/21 @ 16:20

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