By David Herz

Posted on Apr 27, 2021 by in Today

Hey there Ilan:

I get you are the one who is most likely to read this. So I might as well just address this to you. If one of your brothers is showing up here, I wish you my best as well.

I've gone too long again, and I'm tired again. I took a break for an hour and watched another episode in a Netflix Series that Netflix suggested for me because, well just because. And I'm four episodes in now, and it's just another one of those kid finds she has magical powers stories and the good people turn out to be bad, and the bad good, and there's some inappropriate sex, because you know Netflix.

And then I got back to work on our discovery, and it took me another two hours, or hour and a half anyway. So I'd say I've got five or six hours in on that today. And then I reinstalled my solitaire and listened to some commentators on Facebook, right leaning, about George Floyd and Derick Chauvin's trial.

And I was going to write to you, and to other people, and some of this is just going to have to be tomorrow.

Good Night.

For You, Good Day.

Last line, hooray. (It rhymed with Day, and still does.)

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For such rhymes you must pay.

For they’re not okay.

Unless as you say,
It’s just for this day.

04/27/21 @ 09:42

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