Happy Week

By David Herz

Posted on Apr 23, 2021 by in Today

I don't know what to write, but you are writing; so I could at least make an effort. I haven't rowed in a week, make that eight days, either. My team is probably wondering where I am.

I had an upset this week, which turned out to be nothing, and I should have known it would be nothing, but it threw me for a moment anyway. I received a notice for a hearing on a matter I'd already appeared on, for myself, a tax appeal, of an awful small amount anyway.

But I got the notice, called the department and told them I'd already been, via voice-mail, and had put it high on my desk, but it promptly got buried anyway, and then I thought about it, and thought it must be next week, and then I found it a day after the scheduled second hearing came up, and I felt so stubc//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// lcu stupid. I'm falling asleep on the keyboard. I think I'm just going to row 5k and make Shabbat.

Happy slash =-// equales hypen ay.

I'll sleep more tonight.

And be more cogent next week.

And I'm trying to track down the owner on a property you all are going to buy, I'll fix up, and we'll flip or rent, and go from there. I think real property is going to be a good thing to be in when inflation gets ugly.

Love you all.

And now I'm all waker because the momentary chocolate coma has worn off.

But my typing is still atrocious.

Happy Week.

You see I put in these paragraph codes, and then I have to fill them.

So Sad, or Happy. Happy day after earth day day.

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sleep, better, more.
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