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By David Herz

Posted on Mar 15, 2021 by in Today

So I rowed 10k in 58:51.1 yesterday. I could probably do that with a broken foot in an oxygen limited environment. For comparison, I rowed 42:38.1 last week, which was my best in a while.

In good news, I bought myself two harmonicas for travelling, one I figured out with Yakov. He was very helpful: he picked the brand with the fewest choices, Lee Oskar (in G, if you are curious). The problem with that one is that it might not be here before I leave. So I bought the one that was already in my cart as well, a Seydel Blues Session Steel in Bb, which is supposed to be here today.

In other good news, Manu's x-box controllers and Yakov's head phones have already arrived.

It also looks like I might have two more closings coming in. This is good. I haven't been doing the work necessary to close a number of my Workers' Compensation cases, and there is better money there. This is less good. This would actually be a great place to find a former Workers' comp attorney who might want to wrap these up with a bow and get them done.

I am going to do a Herz for President video on Andrew Cuomo today.

I wrote the above about nine hours ago. In the meantime, I have gotten the seat adjustment in my car to work, replaced the antenna, broken a table, played a few games with Oma, ate dinner, and now I'm tired (I also cut down a vine and fixed some trim around one of the doors, and broke down the BowFlex and delivered most of it to Miriam's house for Alex, and swept out the garaga a little, and prayed my afternoon prayer.

Now I've a big task to wrap up and rowing to do, again, so I can keep up with my team.

And I checked my flight, and it changed. I'm coming in 7:15 instead of 6:30 something.

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