The Ice Mantis

By David Herz

Posted on Feb 18, 2021 by in Today
Ice Mantis

Hey there Beautiful People:

While I should be too tired to write right now, I don't seem to be. So I reach out to you.

Did you know that you need 360 days on the water, 90 in the last month, to get a captain's license, and that one of the no big deal ones? I know you needed to know that.

Anyway, I have not been efficient with my time today, although I did get some stuff taken care of.

I got the rest-ish of my letters out. I say ish because there was one block of people whose addresses we just couldn't find. We'll ask Maria about them the next time she is around.

I took some great pictures today, one of my favorites you see above. It was really cold out there. It's less so now, but we've got more snow coming.

Dahlia went to Texas for the long weekend. Texas got record cold weather, with power outages, and Dahlia needing to rebook to find a flight back.

And now I've got good music and I'm going for a nap.

I haven't been treating my time as precious, and that's not so good. That changes.

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As everyone everywhere has said, it will change. But you with all your landmark should be looking to transform. What person are you transforming into, or maybe that part was just bull. Not everyone can do so at will.

02/18/21 @ 18:27

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Oh, don’t get so picky. You know what I mean, and yet that is something worth looking at.

02/18/21 @ 21:10

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