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So implementation is my new challenge/game. And what do I mean by that.

Well, I was online the other day, Tuesday, and I wanted to know more where/what is the Connecticut Valley exactly. Now, I might still not know, but I looked at a map and figure it's the flat land that follows the Connecticut River up from New Haven, and that river goes all the way up into Vermont, and it occurred to me I want to navigate it, and that such forays would be a good way to spend my Sundays, maybe even starting on my Saturday nights.

So I got online and found a course to get one's Connecticut boating license, which is what I did this evening, at least the first half. The other half is tomorrow, and then the test, and then the license, Yeah.

I don't know if I got to The Valley because I sent a letter to an attorney in Orange, or something else. I did look at boats on Craig's List, and garden equipment, but I was there to find mom a shredder, and I found a monster of one in Westport, which I am picking up tomorrow. The couple that owns it runs an executive search firm there, and is downsizing and moving to Florida. It's a little more than I wanted to spend, but it will make quick(er) work of what's left at Oma's house to shred, and there's a lot.

And when Oma's done with it, I'll move it back here, and give her the home size one that we've got here.

And I got tired, and started being stupid, and then I had the little voice about Renaissance time, and I took my camera and took a walk through the park across the street: not really the park, only the road that goes through it. And it was cold, and my camera is still cold an hour plus later, but it was pretty and I got some interesting pictures. I'm downloading now so I can put one at the top of this post.

But I did do some thinking, and things I want to do came up, like get my Federal Firearms Permit so I can “help” people dispose of their guns.

And someone called me today on a workers' comp matter, and I realized I didn't want to handle it; so I'm reaching out to a friend who wants to make a move to the Claimant's side, and this little case should cause no conflict since the employer isn't insured.

And the clothing store, that somehow seems real again, even if it's only to sell the one shirt that I can't find again.

And I'm shooting for an exit in three years.

And now I got side-tracked—reconciled accounts, paid bills, wrote a letter to a client, spoke to your mom—and it's time to sleep.

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All shall be good if you are good for long enough.

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Love from the family

02/14/21 @ 10:23

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