Trucks on the Brain

By David Herz

Posted on Jan 28, 2021 by in Today

So I'as gonna row, but then I always end up too tired after; so then I don't write. So I'll take a few minutes now, and then maybe row if there's time still today.

I did once already today, after and before shovelling snow. I'm a little sore. But I don't know if it's from too much rowing, or too much shoveling, or simply a failure to properly balance.

And I don't have a proper framework. A client called this morning, and then I spent a good bit of it, and into the afternoon, pursuing that, and I tried to do things I shouldn't, which only wasted more time. And the client seemed annoyed, and she was justified to be, but not with me. This isn't to say she was with me, but there was a general annoyance in her voice. She rented an apartment to someone for six months last January. They've made a mess of it, brought others in to the house, and haven't paid in six months. I'd be annoyed too. But then I spent an hour plus looking at executive orders and regulations, and talking to the marshall, and checking out how to determine if someone is in-or not-the military, and then asked Maria, and she said “Have the Marshall do it,” so I called him, and he said he would.

I think I'll just sleep, and maybe get up a little earlier. Well, maybe 5k. I really should. I ate so much this evening.

Good Night.

I Found a New Truck, II

So while I found a new truck, I haven't found any more money. So I've written a couple of truck owners to ask if maybe we could swap my services for their trucks. I probably wouldn't answer positively to something like this, but you never know.

I still wish I had something more thoughty to say, but I don't. I think my mind is tired to mush. I must exercize it more.

Oh, and my SAAB should be hitting the road tomorrow. This also makes me happy.

Enough. Good Night, or morning as the case may be.

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Mushy minds ask the best or the silliest questions.
Especially since there are no stupid questions and when your mind is much it’s harder to stop yourself from asking them.

01/28/21 @ 10:25

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