Shavua Tov

By David Herz

Posted on Jan 8, 2021 by in Today

I've a bit of time before a call, but thought I might get a thought out before it so that you could actually hear from me before the week is over, rather than me just write then.

I don't know why, but there's this one task that's just taking me way longer to get to than it ought to. Now I think about it, I've a lot of tasks that fall into this category, and I'm taking on more, which I probably shouldn't if I want to get done what needs getting done.

Your momma says I should probably find someone to replace Miriam. She went to Washington this week to protest. Because of the virus, I needed to tell her she can't come in for a week, and then she should get tested before returning to work.

And she's planning to go to Florida for ten days with mom, though I don't know if mom invited her along.

But back to my dawdling, or is it unfocused activity, because I was active. I decided to take a walk yesterday. There was something at the pawn shop I wanted to make an offer on/buy, that being a nice pair of hair clippers, but it didn't come with the combs; so I would have had to procure these separately, but that's okay.

But I thought the pawn shop closed at 6:30: I was mistaken, and arriving at 6:15 or so, it was already closed. So I figured I'd go to the price right and buy a bag of chips, but there was this tray of cookies at the door. I resisted, walked around the store, picked up two packages of Strawberry pops, and then went back and picked up the cookies anyway.

And then I ate too many of them, on the way, after I returned, like that. So I figured I'd go brush my teeth and stop. The cookies had made me tired anyway.

And then I was in the basement. And I started to clean, and then dismantle, and then clean some more, and took down some brackets that held an old expansion tank, I think. The big bolts were all bent, so whatever was there must have been heavy, and then I took down a different expansion tank, and then the frame that held old paneling, or something that was the ceiling to the bathroom, before I got there.

And then I came back up to work, but I didn't. I just vegged to my Spotify music as I played a game of Solitaire, or more. And then I said this is stupid, and went to sleep, and now I'm going to do what I meant to have done for Sunday.

And now it's Shabbat by you; so I guess it is next week after all.

So everything is definitely cleaner, except for my clothing and hair, and I'm fatter, and the cookies don't actually give me that much pleasure. I know I shouldn't buy them: for a moment, they taste good, but it's not worth it.

So have a great week. Enjoy your momma. And we'll talk soon.

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You can do what it takes, but instead of saying I want but I won’t. I don’t want but am drawn to it for physiological reasons.
Or you can drive on and not buy it at all. But it isn’t all in your head, habits and cravings have actually powers to them, hunger created from the habit of eating affects the decisions of judges, of those we find most responsible for decisions, or at least those we put in said positions.
So if there is a craving then it is better to create distance between yourself and it, because even if you defeat it, you waste strength in the fighting.

Know that I love you despite your success and failures. But appreciate you for all you’ve done and put aside so that I can be who I am. And so that I may grow even further.

01/09/21 @ 19:15

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Why despite my successes and failures? Why not just celebrate them like we do the rest? It’s not a despite thing. It’s part of what makes the person.

01/12/21 @ 03:28

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