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  12/13/20 18:30, by , Categories: Pre-Post

Today's color is #a15847

Three Question:
What are the best generic exercises and practices in order to become more disciplined? What can you do if you have the internet? What does November have to do with any of it?
Does doing something with the goal to become more disciplined make you more or less disciplined as a result of doing so? If I am fantasizing about everything I can get done once I train myself correctly help with my self-training?
Why don't I have results yet? Because I just started. Why do I want immediate results? Well, ask the internet. Does stating intent help at all? Well, I'll see in a week.
How does discipline interact with creativity? I don't want to go down this rabbit hole now.

Four Creative* Lines: (This time deep mumbo jumbo)
I shall declare time and time shall be followed by more time measures in values that I too declared.
You are the only one who can change yourself is the greatest lie ever told. Because it is right not to trust others with the power to change you. And so the lessons taught or to respect others choices. And with all our choices to reject slavery.
Trust me, you are in control. Don't trust yourself, you are not in control.
And many think they are helping, but most don't think at all.
I think I think. And by thinking I think. I feel like I'm just spewing bulllcrap. But I also think I... am making sweeping statements and I probably shouldn't. It is not that most don't think, it is that most of the time thinking is not the thing that is going on. We only problem solve when we see the problem and all that.
I hope that I somehow figure out how to make better creative lines. Or to be more creative.

But there is always tomorrow so a have a nice day.

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What results do you want? Really, specifically??? When you are clear on that, you can start making the plan to get them.

12/14/20 @ 12:23

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