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Imagine the Possibilities

  12/18/20 01:33, by , Categories: Ilan Red
Imagine the Possibilities

Does this need text to publish? I don't get what's going on.

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Frog Unicorn Laundry

  12/14/20 20:37, by , Categories: Ilan's Red Space

Would you rather have to wash after a pet frog or a pet unicorn? Even if you had ten frogs in a pond you had to take care of it would be preferable to washing unicorn pee out of your laundry.

Gradual Crackpot Hunting

I need add no comment to this one

Effort Gallon Thaw

With enough effort, you could thaw most things. A simple method is rubbing your body up against it, but sometimes you need more advanced tools.
Sometimes there is great risk; one man tried to thaw a gallon of ice with the simple method. He didn't make it.

Biscuit Wander Fossil

This is what happens when you let your pets' wander off.

Favorite Fine Manufacturer

All nobles need one.

Ceremony Straw Master

The straw master is an ancient tradition, brought from our peasant ancestors. Today they are mostly ceremonial.
(I could've done more with this one.)

Urgency Detector Neighbour

How'd you know I was in trouble?

Hardship Carbon Food

We are carbon-based lifeforms, so in times of hardship, it's important that we find enough carbon in our diet.

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Pre-Post 71

  12/14/20 12:28, by , Categories: Pre-Post

Today's color is #1fb287

A Response:

If discipline is in line with self coercion than it is the ability to coerce oneself.
But I see it more as patience. The most present self is a being of whims, but we contain multitudes and sometimes we need to learn what of us to put first.

Three Questions:
In what fields is there only a single expert? What field has the greatest number of experts? Who decides who to call an expert and are they truly experts? Well, I think it is defined by the opinion of other experts or students in a field...
Can you be an expert in a field if the common knowledge of other people who practice in that field is opposed to yours? Can you be an expert if everybody else is wrong? (But what arrogance that would be.)
What is the modern story of the man who's arrogance caused his fall? If you want an example of arrogance as a flaw what would you use? Do we not have such a story or am I simply not aware of it?

A Thought:

Many of the young adult novels and stories I've consumed seem to praise arrogance in a way. Push towards your goal you can make it, no matter what. But it is more than that because there is an element of impatience when putting your dream first. The world is dark and sad, but you will be accomplished you are the most important you are first. And there is a benefit to that, but others exist, and "arrogance comes before the fall" Should be the line of mentors, not villains.

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  12/13/20 21:43, by , Categories: List of 10, Ilan's Red Space

I can't do comedy as the main idea, I need a frame. Or at the very least a word. (Eventually I'll get it right.)

10 Ideas For Stories

  1. To Get To The Other Side - A guide to the fowl religions. Of what constitutes a good death, and the effects of multiple generations of farm indoctrination.
  2. Humans As Social Chickens - You need not consume those who parish of weakness. Your friends are not your food. But you think of yourself as food, because of the years of indoctrination...
  3. Since you can't fly run - a government-provided inspirational novel about flightless birds.
  4. A city is a chicken pen - See how much people want to live there? How much better it is than having to provide for yourself?
  5. Pecking the hand that feeds you - Praise your city overlords for they bring you food from nothing.
  6. Eat The Seeds - For we do not want these plants to grow. They are detrimental to our kind.
  7. Like A Headless Chicken - How to make sure your movement doesn't betray you after you leave or die.
  8. The Cockatrice - a hit-piece
  9. Click Clack Cluck - How to sustain a conversation indefinitely and to get your point across when speaking in groups.
  10. Cluck Clack Click - How to tell real people from imposters


  1. Bawk bawk awkadak
  2. Awkawk Bwacked
  3. Cluck Cluck I'm a chicken not a duck
  4. Bweakcked awkewked
  5. Awkwkwkk bwakc jluk awk
  6. Twitter twatter have my breasts' on a platter
  7. awlawl BWALk
  8. Awk Bwlack awk awk tiwt Cluck Awak
  9. Cwak Cwak Ducks are all twits
  10. Bwak Bwak I too am a dwack

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Pre-Post 70

  12/13/20 12:30, by , Categories: Pre-Post

Today's color is #a15847

Three Question:
What are the best generic exercises and practices in order to become more disciplined? What can you do if you have the internet? What does November have to do with any of it?
Does doing something with the goal to become more disciplined make you more or less disciplined as a result of doing so? If I am fantasizing about everything I can get done once I train myself correctly help with my self-training?
Why don't I have results yet? Because I just started. Why do I want immediate results? Well, ask the internet. Does stating intent help at all? Well, I'll see in a week.
How does discipline interact with creativity? I don't want to go down this rabbit hole now.

Four Creative* Lines: (This time deep mumbo jumbo)
I shall declare time and time shall be followed by more time measures in values that I too declared.
You are the only one who can change yourself is the greatest lie ever told. Because it is right not to trust others with the power to change you. And so the lessons taught or to respect others choices. And with all our choices to reject slavery.
Trust me, you are in control. Don't trust yourself, you are not in control.
And many think they are helping, but most don't think at all.
I think I think. And by thinking I think. I feel like I'm just spewing bulllcrap. But I also think I... am making sweeping statements and I probably shouldn't. It is not that most don't think, it is that most of the time thinking is not the thing that is going on. We only problem solve when we see the problem and all that.
I hope that I somehow figure out how to make better creative lines. Or to be more creative.

But there is always tomorrow so a have a nice day.

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