More Rules, Please !!!!

By David Herz

Posted on Oct 11, 2022 by in Seasons, Thoughts on the World

If you are going to make rules, you should think them out better:

What if a person needs a service dog? Should that not be allowed? But then what if it's a service dog in training?

As to food, what if special food is needed for dietary or health purposes (hypoglycemic?)?

And this throwing of sweets, what if I think sweets are bad for my children? I think parents should be required to bring non-carbohydrate based treats for those children who should or may not eat sweets.

Also, if you are going to bring children, have them respect the furniture as you would have them respect the furniture in the house of a person you respect: maybe keep the shoes off the upholstery.

And let's make some rules for the rest of our Yishuv while we are at it:

This is the holy land, it's not just that we have a holy place-a synagogue-in a place we happen to live. Most of us are only a few generations from those who chose to live here because of the promise of this place, or maybe the freedom from oppression, terror and holocaust somewhere else. Let's make some rules for treating it accordingly.

How about we start by not stepping over garbage on our way to or from synagogue. It doesn't matter if you didn't put it there. Too often I am reminded of Crusty the Clown on the Simpsons: “Don't look at me, I didn't do it!” except in his case it's a joke, maybe a sad commentary. ntI don't get how Israelis, and especially religious ones, can give this answer with a straight face.

Or cleaning up the shmutz you just swept out of the synagogue, or your house, or any other building.

Or require yourselves to make the place you live more livable. I am reminded of going up to the tower once, and there was an army group there, and the commander telling people to look at this beautiful place, which it is, until you look down at your feet and see the garbage left by the various visitors to the place.

So I propose the rule: one in ten of your exercise routes, you must replace with a turn with a garbage bag on that route to make it beautiful. Then, when it is clean, as required.

Maybe we should have a rule requiring people to think: Who thought it was a good idea to place garbage cans right next to bus stops?

The Answer is Always More Bureaucracy

I obviously think we need more bureaucracy, not less.

Let's call out the Anthroposophists directly. What could be good about that approach if it disturbs my prayer?

Let's make a committee of rules for rule-makers for rules in synagogues.

Or we could just paraphrase Hillel: Please refrain from being an A-hole.

Instead, we have decided that “all the rest is commentary” must somehow be codified in some ridiculous bureaucratic set of rules that will just keep growing because it can't capture everything, and one day a girl will come in who has wheels in her shoes, and we'll have to decide if that's a scooter, or if she is exempt as long as she doesn't wheel too obviously to her place.

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